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Research and Grants

Research Posters

Click here for an easy-to-use guide for the creation of research posters and links to access research poster templates for the Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine. To access other communication resources, including logos and other graphics that you may use on your posters, visit the Communication Resources page

Research and Scholarly Advancement Fellowship (RSAF)

RSAF is a summer fellowship program that provides an introduction to scholarly work for osteopathic medical students working together with a member of the Heritage College faculty or affiliate.

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Training for Human Subject Protection

Each research team member, including students, must complete human subject protection training. A faculty or staff member who has HIPAA training or prior research experience is still required to complete the human subject protection training.

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Other Summer Opportunities

In addition to RSAF (above), there are many opportunities available for summer. This link will provide you with information compiled by the Heritage College Office of Academic Affairs.

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Global Health Initiative

The Heritage College offers a number of international programs to promote multicultural awareness and to involve students, faculty and staff in research, education and outreach activities abroad.

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Clinical & Translational Research Unit

Learn about clinical research being conducted at the Heritage College.

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CORE Research Funding Opportunities

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