Research and Scholarly Advancement Fellowship

Research and Scholarly Advancement Fellowship (RSAF)

Important Dates and Information

Program Dates:  June 3-August 9, 2019

Application Deadline:  March 1, 2019

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About the RSAF Program

All Heritage College students who will successfully complete the Year 1 medical school curriculum by the end of the spring semester are invited to apply for the Research and Scholarly Advancement Fellowship (RSAF) program.  Students must be in good academic and professional standing, with no Code of Professional Standards violations on record, from the time of application through the conclusion of the RSAF program.  Heritage College Academic Affairs, Assistant Deans, Academic Program Administrators, and others will be contacted to evaluate the student’s suitability to participate in this experience prior to the conclusion of the proposal review process. 

Under the guidance of the mentor, students conduct intensive short-term (10-week) research projects in selected areas of basic, primary care, medical education, or clinical investigation. Students will attend a core curriculum consisting of seminars on broad topics in medical research. They will complete a poster describing their research to be presented after the conclusion of the summer program. 

The objectives of the RSAF program are to provide a valuable experience for highly motivated and talented medical students to participate in a defined research project; to acquaint students with scientific methodology; to enhance their analytic and laboratory skills; and to provide an opportunity to improve their presentation and writing skills. The program provides an atmosphere that encourages and facilitates student interactions with a diverse group of established investigators and clinicians. The rationale for the program is that exposure to a superior research environment will ultimately result in better physicians. It also opens the possibility for students to consider pursuing research as physician-scientists dedicated to enhancing healthcare.  

The fellowship pays $3,000 to assist fellows with living expenses over the course of the program.

Identifying a Mentor

Students are encouraged to directly approach the Heritage College faculty member and/or members of Heritage College affiliates (e.g. OhioHealth, Nationwide Children’s Hospital, and the Cleveland Clinic systems) whose research may be of interest to them. Students who are looking at different options for the summer should make the potential mentor aware of this early in their discussion process.

Evaluation Criteria

Quality of the Research Experience
Research projects should be well planned and should be structured. A student should be carrying out much of the work. A project that requires more than two weeks of reading or library research is not appropriate for this program.

Quality of the Proposal
The student should write the proposal after thorough consultation and collaboration with the mentor. It should include all of the components outlined below. In addition, the proposal must include a clear mentoring plan indicating to the committee specifically how the student will be spending his/her time on the project during the ten weeks.

Mentors must be members of the Heritage College faculty or Heritage College affiliates (e.g. individuals within the OhioHealth, Nationwide Children’s Hospital, and the Cleveland Clinic systems). This may include adjunct or part-time faculty members.  Mentors should not sign for the same project with competing students. Faculty mentors may sign for different projects with different students; however, because the demand for RSAF placements often exceeds the number of fellowships awarded, the RSAF program can likely only support one student per mentor.


For additional information, please contact:
Jessica Wingett, Program Director
Email: | Phone: 740.593.2336


RSAF Class of 2018

Student Name  Primary Mentor
Braden Crouse Dr. David Drozek
Morgan Homan Dr. Dhiraj Vattem
Zachary Jackson Dr. Darlene Berryman
Morgan Jivens Dr. Gillian Ice
Stephanie Krise Dr. Lauren Conrad-Schnetz
Megan Lytle Dr. Erin Murphy
Amy Mehlman Dr. Ramiro Malgor
Isaac Pearce Dr. Corinne Nielsen
Nicholas Racchi Dr. Dawn Graham
MacKenzie Reece Dr. Sarah Rubin
Avalon Regalbuto Dr. Stephanie Valente
Daniel Rochester Dr. Craig Nunemaker
Alicia Rodgers Dr. Elizabeth Beverly
August Runyon Dr. Tracy Shaub
Ryan Schropp Dr. Todd Fredricks
Jamie Sindelar Dr. Robert Wayner
Lindsey Snider Dr. Zelalem Haile
Ryan Vagedes Dr. Tania Basta
Erin Webb Dr. Mario Grijalva