Videoconferencing Equipment Operations

Technical Information

Show & Tell!

  • System
    • Equipment must be on and ready for a call before we can connect.
    • Check that the television is on and the volume is up about 1/3 of the scale.
    • Multiple microphones should be spaced at least 4 feet apart for best sound.
  • Camera  (Learn to  PanTilt, and  Zoom )
    • Be seen. Appearing On-Camera includes you in the conference.
    • Zoom-In because Close-Ups make everyone easier to see and understand.
    • Avoid ceiling lights, the auto iris will over-compensate and reduce clarity.
  • Microphone  (Learn to  Mute  and  Un-Mute )
    • Keep muted, except when you need to speak and mute again afterwards.
    • Un-muted, any sound made will switch to and show your camera to everyone.
    • Coughing, rustling, tapping or bumping sounds are transmitted.
    • Sit within 10 feet of the microphone to be heard.
    • If someone cannot hear, you must speak louder and move closer.
  • Delays  (Due to compression during transmission.)
    • Pause after you ask a question.
    • There will be a short delay before your question is heard.
    • Allow a little time for someone to hear and answer.
    • If you speak again too quickly, it will interrupt them and delay discussion.

Need Help?  

Please ask us - we want to tell you how it’s done. Contact your local facilitator or the OhiOne Distance Learning staff.