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Resources Overview

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The Office of Faculty Learning, Development and Scholarship shares resources to improve the effectiveness of faculty teaching.


Technology Integration in Teaching and Learning

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Please visit the Office of Information and Learning Technologies to know more about different technologies and to get technical support.

If you have pedagogical questions about the use of technology such as:



  • How do I decide which technology tool is the right one for my activity?
  • Should I use student response system (Tophat) in class to increase student engagement?

Schedule a consultation with a resource person using the online system. Learning is an online learning provider with more than 6,000 courses on a large variety of topics including: Time Management Fundamentals, Classroom Management, Creating Effective Learning Assessments, Teaching Complex Topics, Core Strategies for Teaching in Higher Ed, Social Media in the Classroom, Teaching with Technology, and Grant Writing for Education.

Online courses from is now available with a valid Ohio library card. Learn more about or contact your local public library in Ohio.