Student Selection Advisory Committee

Standing Committees


Note: All faculty appointments shall be for a period of two (2) years unless otherwise noted.

(Standing Committee)
(All Members Appointed)

The voting membership of the Student Selection Advisory Committee shall be composed of an appropriate number of individuals appointed by the Executive Dean that is consistent with the needs of interviewing the requisite number of candidates for the three Heritage College campuses. The committee shall include representatives from the non-clinical and clinical departments, and the administrative staff.  The Assistant Dean of Admissions shall be an ex-officio member of the committee.  The two-year term limit does not apply to this committee, and individuals can be appointed to multiple consecutive years.  The Executive Dean annually shall designate a member to serve as chairperson.  At the discretion of the department chairs, assignments may be of less than one semester and shall not count towards the maximum two-committee rule.

Members, 2018-2019


William Burke, DO
Laura Whitt, MS
Sharon Casapulla, EdD
Nancy Cooper, BS
Jessica Wingett, MA
Olivia Ojano-Sheehan, PhD
Randy Longenecker, MD
Nagesh Rao, PhD
JoAnna Cline, MA

Clinical Faculty:

Jennifer Gwilym, DO, Chair
Katie Able-Perkins, DO
Kelly Coon-Adami, DO
Bela Bhatt-Koshal, DO
Sebastian Diaz, PhD, JD
Melinda Ford, DO
Laura Hocter-Ousley, DO
Anna Kerr, PhD
Tim Law, DO
Robin Newburn, DO
Melissa Thomas, PhD
Alan Wiggers, DO
Simeon Hain, DO
Jean Rettos, DO
Robert Truax, DO
Jenny Zamor, DO
Gary Cordingly, MD, PhD
Mark McGee, MD
Ann Dietrich, MD
Rebecca Nduguba, DO
Lori Woolison-Rutter, DO
Rosellen Roche, MD, PhD
Jane Broecker, MD
Jane Balbo, DO
Jack Brose, DO
Krista Duval, DO
Todd Fredricks, DO
Paige Gutheil, DO
Katy Kropf, DO
Tracy Shaub, DO
Kathleen Bertuna, DO
Frances Wymbs, PhD
Eric Miller, DO
Michael Soroka, DO
Stevan Walkowski, DO
Jeffery Benseler, DO
Amber Healy, DO
Yunpeng Wu, MD, PhD
Karen Montgomery-Reagan, DO
Nick Okada, PhD
Ron Russ, DO
Cheryl Hammes, DO

Non-Clinical Faculty: 

Christian Stork, PhD
Leon Wince, PhD
Berkeley Franz, PhD
Zelalem Haile, PhD
Fabian Benencia, PhD
Xiaozhuo Chen, PhD
Karen Coschigano, PhD
Sharon Inman, PhD
Erin Murphy, PhD
James O'Reilly, PhD
Vishwajeet Puri, PhD
Leah Sheridan, PhD
Nancy Stevens, PhD
Dawn Graham, PhD
Susan Williams, PhD
Larry Witmer, PhD
Andrea Barresi, PhD
Huzoor Akbar, PhD
Mark Berryman, PhD
Rebecca Code, PhD
Pete Coschigano, PhD
Calvin James, PhD
Craig Nunemaker, PhD
Ruger Porter, PhD
Edwin Rowland, PhD
Yuriy Slyvka, PhD
Gillian Ice, PhD
Sarah Rubin, PhD
Andy Chen, PhD

Ex-Officio Member:

John Schriner, PhD, Associate Dean, Admissions and Student Affairs
Jill Harman, MEd, Senior Director, Admissions

Staff Support:

Noelle Gaston, Office Manager, Admissions