Research and Scholarly Awards 

Standing Committees


Note: All faculty appointments shall be for a period of two (2) years unless otherwise noted.

(Standing Committee)

The voting membership of RSAC shall be composed of voting faculty and ex-officio members as follows: 1. Voting faculty members will be: · two (2) elected representatives from the non-clinical departments; · two (2) elected representatives from the clinical departments; and · two (2) representatives appointed by the Executive Dean upon the recommendation of the Associate Dean of Research and Innovation. 2. Non-voting ex-officio members will be: a. Executive Director, Research and Grants; b. Associate Dean of Research and Innovation (except in the event of a tie, wherein the Associate Dean of Research and Innovation will cast the tiebreaking vote) 3. Administrative support will be provided by the Office of Research and Grants. 4. Upon the recommendation of the Associate Dean of Research and Innovation, the Executive Dean shall designate a voting faculty member to serve as chairperson annually. B. Responsibilities: 1. The Committee will be advisory to the Associate Dean of Research and Innovation and in turn the Executive Dean. 2. The RSAC shall foster and cultivate a dynamic and interactive intramural research environment by: Reviewing proposals and allocating internal resources in support of faculty research projects through administration of the college’s internal awards program; Supporting biomedical, basic, translational, clinical, and social science pilot and feasibility studies; and Positioning Heritage College faculty to be more competitive for external funding.

Members, 2018-2019

Emily Guseman, PhD


1st term ends 6/30/20 (A)

*Rosellen Roche, MD, PhD, Chair


1st term ends 6/30/19 (E)

Tim Law, DO


2nd term ends 6/30/19 (E)

Jen-Tzer Gau, MD, PhD


2nd term ends 6/30/19 (A)

Joe Bianco, PhD


1 st  term ends 6/30/19 (E)

Brian Clark, PhD


1st term ends 6/30/19 (E)

Ex-Officio Members:


Darlene Berryman, PhD, Interim Associate Dean, Research and Innovation


Jessica Wingett, MA, Executive Director, Office of Research and Grants 

Staff Support:

Jody Van Bibber, Administrative Specialist

* Replacement