Human Resources

Office of the Executive Dean

1.04  Solicitation and Receipt of Gifts from Individuals, Corporations, and Foundations   (Under Review)
1.06  Medical Records Retention Policy for UOMC Records   (Under Review)
1.07  Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine - Medical Record Retention Policy   (Under Review)
1.08  Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Conflict of Interest Policy

Academic Affairs

12.01 Use of Learning Space for Clinical Training and Assessment Center

Administrative Services

   Human Resources

    3.05  Vacation for 12-Month Faculty   (Under Review)
    3.12 Heritage College Vaccination and TB Screening Expectations


    6.01 Building Access & Security
    6.02  Rooms Scheduling   
    6.03 Heritage College Campus Space Utilization

External Relations

11.01 External Relations Policy

Financial Services

5.01  Food Expense Policy
5.02  Local Travel
5.07  Clinical Faculty Transition Support Policy   (Under Review)
5.08 Purchases of Alcoholic Beverages
5.09 Financial Management and Accountability

Research and Grants

7.00  Human Subjects Research   (Under Review)
7.03  External Grant Support for Faculty Salaries   (Under Review)
7.04  Procedure to Coordinate Funding Requests   (Under Review)
7.07  Bridging Support for Personnel Funded by External Research Grants   (Under Review)
7.09  Research Challenge Match Policy   (Under Review)
7.10  Clinical Research Unit Utilization Policy   (Under Review)

Faculty Departments

8.00  Position Support for Clinical/Non-Clinical Group 1 and 2 Faculty    (Under Review)
8.02  Heritage College Lecture Recording Policy and Heritage College Lecture Recording FAQ
Heritage College Lecture Recording FAQ

Office of Information and Learning Technologies

9.06 Web Site Management policy
9.09 User Access Management Policy
9.10 Equipment and Technology Support