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Faculty Development

We are committed to fostering the enhancement of skills needed by faculty for teaching, research and service. We believe in the goal of faculty development: "To teach the faculty skills relevant for their institutional setting and faculty position, and to sustain their vitality  now and in the future. "

Adjunct Clinical Faculty 

Have you ever pondered:

  • How do I orient my students?
  • How do I truly engage learners?
  • How do I provide meaningful feedback?
  • Why do I need to write comments on the evaluation form?
  • How do I juggle my time teaching learners and taking care of my patients? 
  • How do other clinical faculty manage these?  

    If yes, please participate in the Academy of Clinical Educators (ACE).  A special track with ACE is the ACE-Osteopathic Principles and Practice for those interested in further enhancing OMM skills with HCOM OMM Department Chair. 

    These programs are offered at no cost to HCOM adjunct clinical faculty.  By participating in all the program dates, you’ll earn AOA Category 1A CME credits and be a part of a clinical faculty cohort with same interest and commitment to teaching learners.  

    ACE dates and times are:

    - Oct 5, 2018, 8:30am - 3:30 pm HCOM Dublin

    - March 26, 2019, 8-10 am Zoom Webconference

    - May 3, 2019, 8:30am - 3:30 pm HCOM Dublin
    - Participation in Fall and Spring Clinical Education Network Summits

    ACE-OPP includes the ACE dates above plus 2 additional days for OPP on:
    -  November 10, 2018,  10am - 2 pm  HCOM Dublin
    -  April 6, 2019,  10am - 2 pm  HCOM Dublin

    Click the Registration Form link and submit by Aug 30, 2018 -    ACE Registration

     For additional Information contact: Olivia Sheehan, PhD, Senior Director, Clinical Learning Environment Development,

Additional Programs and Resources

  • If you are new faculty: Click and browse New Faculty  and you will find guidelines, checklist, self-assessment instrument and application form as you go through the faculty application process.
  • If you are current faculty: Click and browse Current Faculty and you will find helpful information such as reappointment guidelines, quick tips, syllabi and evaluation forms and online modules.
  • If you are a Program Director or Director of Medical Education: Click Program Directors and Directors of Medical Education  and you will find frequently used forms and templates, information on competencies, ICCP, program internal review, program inspection and much, much more!
  • If you are a Resident or an Intern: Click Residents and Interns  and you will find information that will help you as teacher, manager, leader and researcher.

    We're also here to help with specific program and/or site needs. Please contact us for one-on-one consultations, workshops and seminars, and specific educational materials.