Overview of Curriculum

Transforming How We Train Physicians

About Our Transformed Curriculum

Approved in December 2016 by the Commission on Osteopathic College Accreditation, the  Pathways to Health & Wellness Curriculum will replace our current curriculum, beginning in the 2018-2019 academic year with the Class of 2022. The PHWC will be  an innovative, transformed curriculum, one built on evidenced-based learning science that puts health and wellness at the forefront. Our goal is to graduate adaptable, team-based generalists who are osteopathic-centric, evidence-based, compassionate, rooted in the community, and working from a firm base of personal well-being.

Check back later this spring for more information.  The teams are busy building drafts of the courses and we will have detailed information soon.

Hallmarks of the transformed curriculum
  • Our future physicians will know how to lead positive, mindful and empathic lives professionally and personally. In fact, as part of the curriculum, we’re planning weekly protected time for wellness events for students, faculty and staff.
  • Foundational sciences and clinical skills will be integrated horizontally throughout all four years of study, and vertically within each set of learning experiences each semester.
  • Students will learn via small group coaching, integrated active learning labs, and clinical and community experiences.
  • Each student will map out a personal curriculum path through choice of electives, self-directed learning, a mentored portfolio, regular assessment of learning, and protected wellness time.

The most common questions about why we are changing the curriculum

Foundational Concepts of the PHWC

Osteopathic Approach of the PHWC (requires OU id)

View of the Proposed Educational Strategies

Information shared at August 29 2017 Community Forum

Draft Documents Shared at February 28, 2016 Open House (requires OU id)