Curricular Transformation

Transforming How We Train Physicians

Focusing on Health and Wellness

Teams of Heritage College faculty and staff are developing an innovative, transformed curriculum, one built on evidenced-based learning science that puts health and wellness at the forefront. We are designing the Pathways to Health & Wellness Curriculum to ensure that our education programs keep pace with the complexities in health care delivery. Our graduates must be fully prepared to lead and succeed in rapidly changing health care systems. This curricular transformation moves us forward in fulfilling our mission of producing more primary care physicians.

Scheduled to launch fall 2018, the Pathways to Health & Wellness Curriculum will allow faculty to have more control and opportunity for creativity in their teaching, and students will have options to customize their education given their interests. Students and faculty will benefit from the focus on personal health and well-being, for physicians must take care of themselves if they are to provide the best care for their patients and their families. The curriculum further integrates Health Systems Sciences and inter-professional experiences, and it will closely align with the new single-accreditation system for graduate medical education.

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Curricular transformation is a strategic initiative of the Heritage College, which is funded in part by a
$105 million grant from the Osteopathic Heritage Foundation in 2011. 

Steering Committee and Teams

Staff and Faculty Involvement

Several groups have been involved in the process. Click a link below to find out who is in the group. 

Curriculum Overview

Explaining the Concepts

The Pathways to Health and Wellness Curriculum will be a an innovative, transformed curriculum, one built on evidenced-based learning science that puts health and wellness at the forefront.. 

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The college has been committed throughout the process to transparency and accountability, and continues to encourage participation by all faculty. Contact one of the steering committee directors if you want to get involved.  

Peter Coschigano, PhD
Associate Professor, Microbiology
Biomedical Sciences
Life Sciences Building 225, Athens

Jody Gerome, DO
Assistant Dean; Assistant Professor, OB/GYN
Academic Affairs – Clinical Education
Obstetrics and Gynecology
Parks 107, Athens Campus