Brian Clark, PhD

Prof., Physiology & Neuroscience; Osteopathic Heritage Foundation Harold E. Clybourne, D.O., Endowed Research Chair
Ohio Musculoskeletal & Neurological Institute
Biomedical Sciences
Irvine 236, Athens Campus
  • Neuromuscular Physiology (PhD), Syracuse University, 2006
  • Gerontology (Certificate of Advanced Study), Syracuse University, 2001
  • Exercise Physiology (MS), Syracuse University, 2001
  • Biology (BS), Western Carolina University, 1998
  • Human Physiology
  • Neuromuscular Physiology
  • Aging Systems
  • Clinical Trials
Summary of Work:

Brian Clark is a translational physiologist whose overarching research goal is to develop effective and implementable interventions that increase muscle function (e.g., muscle strength, motor control, fatigue-resistance) and physical performance in older adults or patients of any age who have orthopedic and neurologic disabilities for preventative and rehabilitation medicine. His work has heavily focused on the integration of exercise physiology, nutrition and pharmacologic interventions, and conservative therapies to improve the quality of life for the elderly as well as those with chronic and recurrent pain conditions.


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