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OMM Skills Enhancement Course

OMM Skills Enhancement Course

Offered in conjunction with the Ohio Osteopathic Symposium

Date: Sunday, April 21, 2024

Time: 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Location: Easton Ballroom, Hilton at Easton, Columbus, OH

Modality: Hybrid (livestreamed)

Topic: Everyone is on the Same Page- A Practical Approach for the Applying Osteopathic Principles and Osteopathic Techniques

Course Information

This OMM session is designed for all physicians who incorporate OMT into their practice and/or who provide osteopathic clinical teaching. Many contributions to the osteopathic profession have occurred over several decades. Several colleges of osteopathic medicine have been established over the past 2 decades. Medical education has several generational (Traditional to Millennials) perspectives incorporated into teaching. The collaboration and integration of all generations is essential to success at every level of training and CME. A physician’s osteopathic knowledge base and application of osteopathic principles vary based on the year a physician graduated, institution of training, residency training and specialty. This CME event will discuss basic principles of diagnosis and treatment for all physicians regardless of when and where they trained. The hands-on OMM portion will incorporate the principles of diagnosis and treatment into the general approach to providing OMM to individual patients. The hands-on portion will provide individualized assistance at the table to build on your skill. Participants who complete this session can incorporate changes into their osteopathic care and teaching that will benefit the patient, teacher, and student. 


  1. Discuss the history of different osteopathic principles for scanning and the development of osteopathic techniques.
    • Stiles Screen 
    • Zink Screen
    • Review segmental definition.
    • Muscle Energy
    • Counterstain
    • Direct and Indirect Myofascial Technique
    • FPR (Facilitated Positional Release)
  2. Apply osteopathic principles into scanning and osteopathic treatment by building on everyone's osteopathic skills regardless of their past training, current type of practice, and position.
  3. Incorporate osteopathic principles for diagnosis and osteopathic treatment into a clinical teaching environment. 


  • Jean Rettos, DO
  • Robert Knight, DO
  • Militza Esquivel, DO
  • Cheryl Hammes, DO

Registration Information

It is now possible to register for Sunday's OMM Skill Enhancement Course. The daily rate for Sunday is as follows, 

OOA/ OU-HCOM affiliate: $120

Non OOA/ Non-OU-HCOM affiliate: $160

Retired physicians: $80

To receive the daily rate or to register for Sunday's OMM session only, call the OOA Central Office at 614.229.2107

For more information, contact: 

Maria Modayil, PhD, Program and Engagement Manager, Office of Faculty Learning & Advancement,