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Mentor and Scholar Roles

Relationships are Critical to Program

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Guiding Participants Toward Success

The relationship between scholars and mentor physicians is the cornerstone of the four-year Physician Diversity Scholars Program.

Once matched, the mentor and first-year medical student scholar will form a bond that will extend far beyond the learning environment. Scholars invest time and attentiveness to the mentoring relationship. Mentors become invested in scholars’ lives – providing career advice, insight into navigating day-to-day challenges, celebrating achievements, providing insight and growth in cultural competency. Scholars can trust that their mentor will be in step with them, guiding their progress throughout their medical education.


The role of the mentor is to coach and to serve as a model for scholars. Mentor attributes include:

  • Viewed as role models by their peers
  • Involved in community service and/ or active in national professional organizations
  • Personable and enthusiastic
  • Enjoy working with students


Listed below are detailed expectations of mentors and scholars, designed to promote consistency across all mentoring relationships. Adherence to these standards ensures that each scholar will have the same chance of successfully completing the program thanks to an invaluable, quality mentor-mentee relationship.

Mentor physicians will:

  • Attend faculty development sessions
  • Facilitate shadowing experiences for scholars, if the scholar is interested in supplementing the robust clinical experiences of the first two years of the curriculum
  • Introduce scholars to the cultural etiquette of Cleveland Clinic
  • Participate in community service activities

Program scholars will:

  • Participate in engagement opportunities organized by mentor
  • Attend planned gatherings (i.e., picnics, dinners)
  • Take full advantage of the learning and support services available
  • Demonstrate professionalism and a commitment to improvement
  • Participate in community service activities

Mentors and scholars will:

  • Maintain regular communication (in person or electronically)
  • Commit and be accountable to the maintenance of the mentor-mentee relationship
  • Participate in networking and boot camp events