Water Rockets - a typical launch sequence

During 2004 the late Dr Ken Halliday decided to use Water Rockets as the theme project for the ME100 freshman class "Introduction to Mechanical Engineering" - assisted by Dr Andy Foley and the ME398 Junior Lab. In the following split second sequence photographed by Dr Halliday we see Dr Foley demonstrating a typical launch sequence of one of the student rockets:
  Here we see Dr Foley giving the countdown before launch. "Five.. four.. three.. two.. one.. ignition.....
   This doesn't seem right - during the "thrust" phase at least it should be going up...
  Now where did that rocket get to....?

The students came up with some delightful artistic designs, for example #19 - the "Hula-hula" rocket:


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Did it go this way? .... that way?.... where is that darn rocket?......


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