Problem 4.9 - A Home Air Conditioner & Hot Water Heater

We wish to do a preliminary thermodynamic evaluation of a 500W input power home air conditioner/hot water heater system using refrigerant R134a. Consider the following system flow diagram

This unique combined air conditioning / hot water heating system is designed to absorb heat from the 32°C air flowing through the insulated duct in order to pump heat into the hot water heating tank. The fan provides enough air flow over the evaporator to cool the air to 15°C at the outlet of the duct, and the hot water is heated to a maximum of 50°C. In this analysis we neglect the power provided to the fan. We also assume that both the duct and the hot water tank are adiabatic.

Plot the four processes on the P-h diagram provided below and use the R134a refrigerant property tables in order to determine the following:


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