Packing the bikes in duffel bags

The following picture shows the Grasshopper 5F disassembled and laid out ready for packing. Notice the handlebar with the two rollerblade wheels attached cable-tied to the bottom of the seat. This is placed at the bottom of the duffel bag with the wheels sticking out.

The following picture shows the bike partially packed in the duffel bag. Everything is tied tightly together with cable ties and an attempt is made to protect vital exposed parts - notice for example wooden block bolted into the sawn-off section of the BikeE aluminum frame, and the polystyrene foam tied to the opposite end of the frame. In spite of our best efforts to pack the bikes "airline proof" we find that there is always evidence of rough handling - scratches, dents, tears. We do not have a satisfactory answer to this problem.

In the following picture we show the Grasshopper 5R partially disassembled and laid out ready for packing. We still need to disconnect the air shock and tie the rear wheel to fit snugly against the BikeE frame.

Since the duffel bag for this bike is larger, we can tie the entire assembly together before placing it into the bag, as shown below. Notice as before our attempt at protecting some of the vital exposed parts with wood, polystyrene foam and bubble packing material. The bike cable lock is used to wrap around and tie the entire assembly into a single unit.