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My Home Renewable Energy System


More pictures of the RE system are included below.


A net positive house with respect to electricity!

Cumulative Production for first 5 years (June 2004 through May 2010):  

7480 kWH

Net sent to grid for first 5 years (June 2004 through May 2010):                   

3871 kWH

Approximate amount of coal that would have been burned to produce the same amount of electricity (assuming 2kWh / kg coal)

3740 kg, or
8228 pounds

Approximate amount of CO2 reduction

15,000 pounds


More details can be found in my Table of Monthly Home Energy Use and Production


Dovetail Solar and Wind installed a 2kW hybrid wind-solar energy system at my home on North Coolville Ridge Road in Athens, OH, in the summer of 2004. 

I received a matching funds grant from the Ohio Department Of Development Office of Energy Efficiency to pay for 1/2 of the $20K installation costs. 

·       ~$5K for the solar panels

·       ~$2.5K for the wind generator

·       ~$4K for installation,

·       the remainder for the tower, the inverter, the batteries, and balance of system


The system is utility interactive and has a battery backup system. 

o   The renewable energy system consists of:

§  a 960W ground mounted solar array (8 BP SX 120U panels)

§  a 1kW wind turbine (African Wind Power 3.6 with a
     12 foot turbine diameter) mounted on a 64 ft high tower

§  a 2kW grid-connected inverter (Outback FX2000).

§  Four 12V Trojan Deep Cycle batteries (series-connected ,
    48 V, 105 Amp hours, ~5kWh storage)


Home Power Magazine – A good source of info for solar, wind and other home power systems



In town - Trek 720 (bike commuter)     Longer trips - 2006 Toyota Prius II



> Fuel economy for the Prius for short trips in hilly Athens OH: 42 - 47 mpg

> Fuel economy for longer trips (to Cincinnati or towards East Coast) 52 - 61mpg

> I have experienced lower fuel economy in the winter than in the summer.

> Overall fuel economy for the first 20,000 miles = 49 mpg

Fuel efficiency of travel in the 20th century  [external web page with interesting info]

EV World – A good source of info on Electric Vehicles


Education and community activities dealing with energy and the environment:

·       The Green Energy Ohio speakers bureau

·       Appalachian Ohio Group, Sierra Club (

·       Earth Justice Network: Interfaith Voices for Survival. A network of people of faith in Athens OH who advocate justice for the poor and protection of all creation.

·       Rural Action – Energy Committee

·       Habitat for Humanity – Green Build Committee


Presentations and Reports

For more information on my RE system see the presentation:
"Is Renewable Energy Practical in SE Ohio - A Case Study
" (1.8 MB pdf)

For even more info on the development of my RE system see my monthly project status reports.

For a discussion of earth-friendly energy alternatives, see my presentation Earth-Friendly Energy [3.4MB pdf, work in progress]

For a look at coal and ways to use it more efficiently as a part of our energy future, see the presentation: Is coal a part of our energy future? (5 MB pdf)

Basics of Electricity Production and Alternatives (presented at Alexander High School, 2.9 MB)

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