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Kevin Lee, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

HCOM - Biomedical Sciences 
ARC 202E

Education: Ph.D. Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX  2007

Research Interest: Molecular and Cellular Biology

The global increase in obesity is a major force driving the epidemic of type 2 diabetes.
Over the past decade it has become clear that both obesity and adipose tissue are more complex than originally believed. Recent research from my laboratory has found that adipocytes are heterogeneous in nature, arise from different developmental lineages,
and have distinct phenotypic properties.

The central goal of my laboratory is to understand at a molecular and cellular level what accounts for heterogeneity between white adipocyte subpopulations and to study the effect these different adipocyte
subpopulations have on systemic metabolism. To this end, we have developed novel cell and mouse
models to study adipocyte biology. Knowledge gained from this research will aid in the identification
of specific markers and the development of therapeutic approaches to combat the metabolic disorders
associated with obesity. Students participating in the laboratory would learn standard molecular
biology techniques (gel electrophoresis, PCR, western blot, immunohistochemistry), as well as cell
culture, mouse genetics, state of the art confocal microscopy, and lineage tracing analysis.

Selected Publications


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Lee, K. Y., Sharma, R., Gase, G., Ussar, S., Li, Y., Welch, L., … Kahn, C. R. (2017). Tbx15 Defines a Glycolytic Subpopulation and White Adipocyte Heterogeneity. Diabetes, 66(11), 2822–2829.


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