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Mark McMills, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Chemistry and Biochemistry 
Clippinger Laboratories 380


Education:  Ph.D. Michigan State University


Research Interest:  Synthetic organic chemistry, development of antitumor drugs


The McMills group is involved with several areas in organic chemistry, especially devoted to synthesis, methodology, and mechanisms of biologically active or medicinally important natural products. Another area of expertise comprises the use of metallocarbenoid intermediates to form various types of oxygen, nitrogen and sulfur ylides. These extremely useful intermediates have found applications in many areas, but specifically in the formation of carbon-carbon, and carbon-heterocyclic bonds. The formation of these bonds are the cornerstone of synthetic organic chemistry. We have contributed to both synthetic methodology and specifically toward the synthesis of a number of highly active compounds with short, imaginative sequences. In each case we believe we have made a significant impact in the area. Below are brief summaries of the on-going projects in the group.

  • Azacycle Formation
  • Phorbol and Ingenol
  • Colchicine
  • Taxol
  • Quinocarcin
  • Furan Cyclizations
  • Computational Chemistry Interests