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Tadeusz Malinski, Ph.D.


Chemistry and Biochemistry 
Biochemistry Research Laboratory


Education:  Ph.D. University of Poznan, Poland


Research Interest:  Nanomedicine, nanobiotechnology, nanosensors and nanodevices for medical application 



We are pursuing studies in three related areas. A major interest of the laboratory is to understand the regulatory role of nitric oxide, superoxide and peroxynitrate in the cardiovascular system. Dr. Malinski studies the events occurring at the level of the receptors and the signaling pathways regulating heart beat performance and blood flow in the arteries. A specially designed sensors (diameter less than one micrometer), implantable in a single cell or neurons are used for these studies. A pathology of the cardiovascular system (arteriosclerosis, diabetes, hypertension and aging) are studied and the approaches taken involve bioanalytical measurements, molecular biology as well as physiological monitoring in experimental models.

Another objective of the laboratory is to develop and to test novel strategies for drug and gene delivery and new strategies for organ preservation for transplants. We are interested in targeting specifically the cells of the vessel wall which are critical in the pathogenesis of arteriosclerosis, septic shock, cardiac dysfunction and cancer metastasis. The intent of this strategy is to prevent dysfunction of endothelium or to restore the function of damaged endothelium which is critical in the regulation of blood flow. Finally, this laboratory is studying intra-neuronal nitric oxide signaling in the brain. In particular, we are interested in the kinetics of nitric oxide release in the brain during ischemia/reperfusion and hypobaric hypoxia. These studies are also pursuing the role of the L-arginine/NO pathway in the pathology of brain function (Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases). molecular basis of nitric oxide action, and then to develop strategies for mollification of brain damaged caused by stroke, Parkinson's or Alzheimer's diseases.

Continued areas of interest include also development of new electrically conductive polymeric materials and new generation of lithium ion batteries for hybryde vehicles and nanobatteries for medial applications.


Selected Publications

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