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Tingyue Gu, Ph.D.


Chem & Biomolecular Engineering 
Stocker Center 159


Education:  Ph.D. Purdue University 1990


Research Interest:  Dr. Gu is interested in the following research areas: Microbiologically influenced corrosion, microbial fuel cells, biofilm treatment, cellulosic biomass utilization, fermentation, and bioseparations (including chromatography scale-up and media development). Research Topics Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion Biofilm mitigation Microbial fuel cells Bioelectrochemistry Fermentation and bioseparations

Before joining the Ohio University faculty in 1992, Dr. Gu worked in the Biotechnology Group in the Corporate Research Department of Miller Brewing Company. He was involved in development of a pilot-scale process for production of a rare and naturally occurring recombinant protein.


Dr. Gu is internationally known for his work on chromatography modeling and scale-up. He is the author of a chromatography simulation package called "Chromulator" that has been used by many dozens of university researchers in over thirty countries, and several major pharmaceutical and biotech companies.


Dr. Gu has carried out research in protein purification, fungal and bacterial fermentation. In recently years, he started research in microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) in the oil and gas industry. He is specifically interested in MIC mechanism, biofilm ecology, MIC in underdeposit pitting attacks involving sand, biocide dosing and degradation modeling, reservoir souring modeling, and modeling and prediction of MIC in pipelines. He is a consultant for the oil and gas industry for MIC problems. He is an Executive Editor of Journal of Microbial & Biochemical Technology. He is an editorial board member of Bioprocess & Biosystems Engineering and journal of Chemistry. His latest inventions include a new type of online biofilm sensor, a drop-in disposable MIC-e-cell biofilm/MIC sensor and a new green biocide cocktail containing a naturally occurring quorum-quenching chemical against tough biofilms. The cocktail is environmentally friendly for applications in oil and gas pipelines and in hydraulic fracturing ("fracking") fluids.

Dr. Gu is also interested in cellulosic biomass utilization and microbial fuel cells for waste treatment. He models bio-electrochemical processes in biofilms and mass transfer in porous media with and without reactions. He develops software on the Windows platform for academic and industrial applications.