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Peter Coschigano, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

HCOM - Biomedical Sciences 
Life Sciences Building 225


Education:  Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Research Interest:  Biodegradation of toxic compounds under anaerobic conditions.


The research in my lab focuses on the biodegradation of toxic compounds under anaerobic conditions. Work is currently focused on Thauera aromatica strain T1, a bacterial strain able to grow on toluene, a component of gasoline and crude oil, under denitrifying conditions. Genetic and molecular techniques are being used to identify, clone, and characterize genes involved in the toluene utilization pathway of this organism. A goal of our studies is to better understand the mechanism of anaerobic toluene metabolism in this strain. The results obtained from studying bacteria such as T1 that can degrade toxic compounds can be useful in remediation of contaminated sites. These bacteria may also be able to treat and detoxify waste products before disposal and may eventually be used to make useful products from what is now considered waste.