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Botanical Research

Plant Biology Greenhouse and Garden

The 4,576 square-foot greenhouse and 1,250 square-foot headhouse and storage area were erected in 1972, with the adjacent 1-acre garden starting in 1979. The mission of the greenhouse and instructional garden is to provide a plant collection that serves the interest of students, faculty, and staff of the Department of Environmental and Plant Biology as well as other interested academic units.

In addition, the facilities provide an opportunity for outreach to the community of Athens. The plant collections demonstrate taxonomic diversity including economically important plants, succulents, and epiphytes.

Arrangements for small group tours of the greenhouse can be made by emailing greenhouse manager, Harold Blazier, at Visitors are also invited to view the collection of plants in the garden, which is open year round. The Botanical Research building, greenhouse, and garden are all located on South Green adjacent to Morton Hall.

Features of Greenhouse and Garden:

  • Orchids and Epiphytes
  • Economically Important Plants
  • Carnivorous Plants
  • Cacti and Succulents
  • Ferns and Fern Allies
  • Research Areas
  • Instructional Garden