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Alumni Mentor Program


I am excited to announce the start of a MCB Alumni - Student mentor program.  I hope this program will be of benefit to both alumni and MCB graduate students.  The program hopes to provide real world advice to MCB graduate students as they navigate a successful path through their graduate studies on to their post-graduation career choice and beyond.  You as an "experienced" alumni have a wealth of knowledge you could share on educational choices, career development, professional fields, and life after graduation.

Bob Colvin, Director


How will it work?  Volunteer alumni mentors will provide contact information and a brief resume and MCB will assign one students to a mentor (unless you request more!)...  Basically it will be up to the student and alumni to initiate and continue contact, which would normally be e-mail correspondence.  However, if you are ever in the Athens area, a one-on-one meeting would be highly encouraged, but not required.


What are the benefits for you as a mentor?

  • Build a relationship with MCB graduate students who will benefit from your advice and expertise in your chosen field.

  • Remain active in the OU community.

  • Develop mentoring skills that will be significant to you, especially if you have your own graduate students or in other types of professional relationships.

  • Understand how your transition from college to work directly affected your career path today.

  • Become part of the educational process in the life of MCB graduate students.

  • Take pride in the fact that you are helping a MCB graduate student make important decisions about their future as he or she explores personal, academic, and career interests and prepares for life after graduation.

  • Provide networking opportunities.

  • Assist MCB graduate students in helping to identify strengths and weaknesses.

  • Provide encouragement and inspiration.

  • Create or strengthen your connection with the MCB program as an, alum, faculty member, administrator, or just friend of OU.


What are the benefits to MCB graduate students?

  • Build a personal and professional relationship with a mentor that represents an occupation that they would like to pursue and who will offer advice on academic and career related issues.

  • Gain first-hand knowledge from an expert regarding their career field and life after graduation.

  • Increase motivation and interest in academic work as connections between future career and current studies become more evident.

  • Identify interests and talents and explore options within their desired field.

  • Develop the skills and professional networking process needed for an effective job search.

  • Enhance development of maturity, self-confidence, and independence.

  • Explore interests and employment opportunities.

  • Receive assistance in obtaining and preparing for interviews, writing resumes, career advancement, professional development and networking.


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