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Management and Strategic Leadership  

Today's dynamic and competitive business environment requires energetic, capable leaders who can add value and excel at all levels of responsibility.

The major in management and strategic leadership is designed to create a foundation of knowledge and ability for lifelong learning and success in business leadership.


Career Opportunities

Careers in management include account representative, human resource management, or a management training program. An account representative is someone responsible for customer or client accounts, acting as the conduit between their needs and the other departments in the organization. That might be at an advertising agency, where your role would be translating client needs to the creative department, managing projects, and helping create the business strategy. As a specialist in human resources, you’ll be responsible for attracting, selecting, training, assessing, and rewarding an organization’s employees. You would also work to ensure compliance with employment and labor laws. Many companies start new employees as part of a management training program. These kinds of programs allow you to work in various departments, exposing you to many roles within the organization. With a foundation of broad experience, you’d be able to choose your own career path and generally move quickly into leadership roles.


Special Features

Within the management and strategic leadership major, Ohio University’s College of Business offers a concentration in human resource management. The human resource management is a series of classes you can take that focus on the theory and practical skills needed to succeed in human resources. If you are passionate about the difference people can make on business performance, the human resource management concentration will give you the competitive advantage in the global talent marketplace.

Our Faculty

Learn more about our management and strategic leadership faculty here.


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Gary Coombs
Chair, Department of Management and Director, College of Business Honors Program
Copeland 514D


About the College of Business

The OHIO College of Business provides a unique combination of classroom learning and real-world experiences that give you an advantage. You are able to develop to your true potential and become a better business leader— the kind of effective decision-maker who is sought after in all sectors of business. When you leave the OHIO College of Business, you will be ready for the workforce. Beyond that, you’ll be poised to become one of the next generation of leaders, professionals, and academic business scholars. We summarize our approach in three words: learn, apply, transform.

Learn about yourself and your world through personalized coaching and mentoring. With a foundation of courses, outstanding teacher scholars and executives in residence, and ongoing development, the OHIO College of Business will help you set and achieve your personal and professional goals.

Apply your knowledge through real-world experiences. Translate concepts from the classroom into real situations so you leave with practical experience in leadership, time management, teamwork, problem solving, and critical thinking. You’ll develop the skills you need for the rest of your life through our unique Business Cluster, student organizations like SOX Fellows, and the Global Consulting Program.

Transform into one of the most sought after college graduates, poised for professional success. Employers are seeking students with leadership potential. The College of Business will provide you the broad knowledge that prepares you to be successful throughout your career, from your first job to the day of your retirement.


Ohio University

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