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International Business  

In today’s global economy, all businesses–whether large or small–are affected by international competitors and global events. Success in the global marketplace will depend on the capabilities of managers to understand the structures and processes that underlie international business. The International Business major is designed to provide this understanding and to develop the requisite competencies of global business leaders. Students will be required to complete a minimum of 25 credit hours at the 300 and 400 level beyond the minimum requirements for the College of Business. The international business major must be completed in conjunction with at least one other major in the College, excluding the Business Prelaw and General Business majors. The international business major must also complete at least two international immersion experiences or one international experience at substantial length. At least one immersion experience must be 6 to 10 weeks in length.


Career Opportunities

Graduates of the international business major are prepared to accept international assignments that arise during their early career path in their primary field of study, as well as to pursue domestic postings that involve a range of international and cross-cultural dimensions. These can include positions involving such activities as exporting and importing, international supply chain management, human resource management, international marketing and sales, international market analysis and entry, and work involving a range of governmental or nongovernmental organizations.


Our Faculty

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College of Business

The College of Business provides a distinctive learning environment that actively engages students, faculty, and the business community in developing knowledge and skills relevant for success in a complex, global economy.

This environment stimulates student learning and faculty research so that our graduates are able to: a) apply a holistic, integrated approach to business problems; b) apply the communication, leadership, team and technological skills needed to succeed in their business careers; c) understand how to work with people from other cultures and to operate effectively in other countries; and d) understand the social responsibilities of individuals and organizations and evaluate the ethical dimensions of decisions in a business context.

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