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The B.F.A. in theater performance is a rigorous program fostering creative, cognitive, and artistic skills. It is intended to advance the education and training of motivated, curious, self-reliant, adaptable theater artists capable of dealing with all aspects of theater and contributing to the relationship between theater and society. The curriculum combines intensive studio instruction with further emphases on international and ensemble theater. Complementing a faculty of working professionals is an impressive visiting artist program, a developing study abroad program, and internships in the United States and abroad. Seniors are required to complete the practicum requirements in acting. The culminating experiences of the B.F.A. degree program are three quarters of acting practical, the senior project, and the senior showcase. Required studio performance courses are the core of the program at all three-year levels. The sophomore year is dedicated to the acting foundation and the junior year to classical ensemble, leading to a senior year that emphasizes new work with original scripts and ensemble collaboration and the showcase. There is programmatic interaction with the MFA programs in Directing, Playwriting, and Acting.

The undergraduate theater experience at Ohio University is a blend of core theater studies and practice, intensive training in a selected concentration, and liberal arts experiences, leading to either a professionally oriented Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A) or a broad-based Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree.

The theater is not an island unto itself; it exists as part of and because of a larger world. All theater students devote a portion of their studies to examination of the literature and history of the theater, the role of theater in society, and relationship to other art disciplines. To this end, faculty advisers in the School of Theater strive to guide theater students through programmatic and University General Education requirements in a manner that broadens and deepens their knowledge and contributes to a critical conversation in a world context.

Special Features

Production activities are considered crucial to the total curriculum planning of a theater major. Students register each quarter for a credit-bearing practicum in production. In the first year, this involves participation in productions through technical and management assignments. Second, third and fourth year students have the opportunity to participate in production as a performer, technician, designer, dramaturg, or stage manager. Students are also eligible to audition for the Ohio University Players at the Monomoy Theater, our summer stock theater on Cape Cod. Theater students are encouraged to pursue internship and off campus opportunities, including study abroad programs in the School of Theater, College of Fine Arts, Ohio University and the Global Theater Institute New York, a Summer study/internship program in New York City.

Ongoing and individual advising is an extremely important aspect of the School of Theater. Each School of Theater student meets quarterly with an academic adviser (eventually one of the core faculty members in their area of study) for academic and programmatic guidance. To maintain the academic and artistic rigor of the programs, all theater students are required to attain a minimum grade of C in any theater course required for graduation. Unsatisfactory academic or programmatic progress may result in academic or program probation, removal from a sequence or degree within the School, or denial of further enrollment as a degree candidate in the School of Theater. Careful planning and intelligent course selection may allow pursuit of a minor or second major. In addition, high-achieving, highly motivated students can apply to the Theater Tutorial Program (see Honors Tutorial College for requirements and deadlines at

Our Faculty

The faculty and staff of the School of Theater are an eclectic group of active theater professionals who bring an array of experience including nationally and internationally produced work and training with leading teaching artists such as Ming Cho Lee, Stella Adler, Etienne Decroux, Lloyd Richards, Ann Bogart and Arthur Miller. Striving to provide the highest quality professional training in a dynamic, supportive environment, the curriculum recognizes that each student is unique. A variety of methods and approaches are taught to prepare artists for the multiple challenges in the work.

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College of Fine Arts

The College of Fine arts is home to four schools at the undergraduate level that offer degrees in Art, Dance, Music and Theater. For graduate students, they also offer programs in film and interdisciplinary studies.The college is dedicated to advancing the arts through active participation in artistic and humanistic dialogue. It is committed to challenging, enriching and educating students through the creation and study of the arts. As the Athens region's primary cultural resource, the College of Fine Arts engages people of the university, the larger community and the geographic region in the arts. Hundreds of performances, productions, lectures and exhibitions throughout the year allows for students to show and display their work in a professional setting. The College of Fine Arts also offers an exclusive program, called a RLC, or Residential Learning Community, that allows students to live with other fine arts students on-campus.

Ohio University

Established in 1804, Ohio University is the oldest public institution of higher learning in the state of Ohio and the first in the Northwest Territory. Admission to Ohio University is granted to the best-qualified applicants as determined by a selective admission policy.