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Dance Performance and Choreography (B.F.A.)  

The Bachelor of Arts curriculum offers a program of broad study in dance within a liberal arts degree framework. The BA degree develops the dance skills necessary to perform and a facility in the use of principles and procedures that reflect an intellectual grasp of the art. The degree presents strong potential for interdisciplinary studies and provides preparation for future graduate study. A required core curriculum in the first year emphasizes developing performance skills through the study of technique, and fostering creative abilities through the study of choreography. Other major coursework in dance provides a broad knowledge in dance history, ethnology, kinesiology, music, and the teaching of dance.

Career Opportunities

Dance graduates have distinguished themselves as award-winning choreographers for concert, theater, video and film, and fashion events; as dancers in companies or theatrical productions; as company managers, grant writers, or arts administrators; and as studio teachers in modern, ballet, jazz, or African technique. Graduates have established their own companies or become dancers in established companies. They own and operate their own dance studios and businesses. They are dance faculty at high schools and universities, outreach coordinators, and arts managers.

They have worked in stage production for dance in lighting, stage management, etc. They have completed advanced degrees at such institutions as University of Chicago, University of Michigan, and the University of Washington in such areas as dance ethnology, dance history and criticism, and dance performance and choreography. Dance graduates have gone on to earn advanced degrees in related areas that draw on the study of the moving body such as physical therapy, exercise physiology, and dance movement therapy. They have pursued certification in body-based therapeutic work such as Pilates, Bartenieff fundamentals, and massage therapy.

In the B.F.A. program, the dancer has many opportunities to strengthen the skills necessary to these paths. In addition to daily technique and choreography courses, grant writing courses mentor students through the idea development and grant writing process. Seminars that teach résumé writing are supplemented with digital portfolio development where students create portfolios to represent the multi-faceted work of the B.F.A. in dance. Production and choreography courses build project management skills leading to producing and managing tours of senior dance concerts. Pedagogy courses develop student teaching for children and young adults and prepare students to enter teaching roles. Internships are available and are developed with the individual student.


Special Features

Special features of the School of Dance include our facilities and dance collections.

Putnam Hall is the home of the School of Dance and was recently renovated in 2004. Putnam has dedicated spaces for classes, rehearsals and concert events. There are five sprung-floor studios and a Pilates lab. A 225 seat studio theater is open for both performance space and dance labs for students to develop production skills in lighting and stage management. Three pianos, a full set of handmade Ghanian drums, as well as other percussion instruments, are available for use in our classes. The second floor of Putnam houses the Aesthetics Technology Lab – a state of the art space dedicated to exploring technology and art.

The School of Dance is also proud to own the Alwin Nikolais and Murray Louis Dance Collection. The collection includes films, videos, photographs, manuscripts, posters, administrative documents, awards, programs, reviews and musical recordings. The university received the collection as a generous gift from Murray Louis. Processing, preservation, and access is made possible by Ohio University, Murray Louis, the National Initiative to Preserve America's Dance, the National Endowment for the Arts, and Save America's Treasures.

Our Faculty

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College of Fine Arts

The College of Fine arts is home to four schools at the undergraduate level that offer degrees in Art, Dance, Music and Theater. For graduate students, they also offer programs in film and interdisciplinary studies.The college is dedicated to advancing the arts through active participation in artistic and humanistic dialogue. It is committed to challenging, enriching and educating students through the creation and study of the arts. As the Athens region's primary cultural resource, the College of Fine Arts engages people of the university, the larger community and the geographic region in the arts. Hundreds of performances, productions, lectures and exhibitions throughout the year allows for students to show and display their work in a professional setting. The College of Fine Arts also offers an exclusive program, called a RLC, or Residential Learning Community, that allows students to live with other fine arts students on-campus.

Ohio University

Established in 1804, Ohio University is the oldest public institution of higher learning in the state of Ohio and the first in the Northwest Territory. Admission to Ohio University is granted to the best-qualified applicants as determined by a selective admission policy.