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Education - German Education (Multi-Age Education)  

The modern language programs for educators include French, German and Spanish. Regardless of the college of the university from which you will graduate, to be licensed through Ohio University to teach one of the modern foreign languages in Ohio, you must complete the following program and earn passing scores on the Praxis II exams and a Teacher Performance Assessment (TPA). This major prepares you for an Ohio four-year Resident Educator teaching license that qualifies you to teach German in grades Pre-K-12. Language majors will be required to pass an oral proficiency examination in the major before licensure.

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Patton College of Education

The Patton College of Education has been a proud pillar of Ohio University since 1886, when it became the first state-supported teacher preparation program in Ohio. Today, the college has grown to include undergraduate and graduate programs that lead to careers in teaching, counseling, and public school and higher education administration.

Learning is at the heart of all we do in The Patton College of Education, but our mission is about more than just providing an education. The Patton College of Education strives to be an equitable, effective, and interactive learning community that makes a difference to education and human development through excellent teaching, scholarship, and service. We seek answers to questions about how people learn and what they should know and be able to do as students, teachers, counselors, and administrators.

The Patton College of Education's teacher and administrator preparation programs are accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education. Counselor education programs in the college are accredited by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Programs and the Council on Rehabilitation Education.

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