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Customer Service  

The customer service major, offered in the Department of Human and Consumer Sciences, is designed to prepare graduates who are likely to work with customers, clients, or members of the public who are served by the organizations/businesses for which they work. Additionally, elements of supervision of a customer service oriented workforce are emphasized in the program. The courses focus on consumer issues, supervision in customer service environments, execution of customer service in a variety of workplace settings, and professional development. 

Career Opportunities

Almost every industry employs customer service representatives, and their duties may vary greatly depending on the nature of the organization. For instance, representatives who work in banks may have similar duties to, or supervise, tellers; whereas those in insurance companies may be required to handle paperwork, such as changes to policies or renewals, and to guide their employees who assist customers with their policies. Those who work for utility and communication companies may assist customers with service problems, such as outages. Professionals in public relations advocate and act on behalf of their client, and must be responsive to client needs. In the hospitality industry, customers drive business performance, and customer service is a key differentiating factor in company success. Representatives who work in retail stores often handle returns and help customers to find items in their stores. Health care providers must be attentive to their customers' needs in a variety of capacities. 


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The Patton College of Education has been a proud pillar of Ohio University since 1886, when it became the first state-supported teacher preparation program in Ohio. Today, the college has grown to include undergraduate and graduate programs that lead to careers in teaching, counseling, and public school and higher education administration.

Learning is at the heart of all we do in The Patton College of Education, but our mission is about more than just providing an education. The Patton College of Education strives to be an equitable, effective, and interactive learning community that makes a difference to education and human development through excellent teaching, scholarship, and service. We seek answers to questions about how people learn and what they should know and be able to do as students, teachers, counselors, and administrators.

The Patton College of Education's teacher and administrator preparation programs are accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education. Counselor education programs in the college are accredited by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Programs and the Council on Rehabilitation Education.

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