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Pre-Physical Therapy (Psychology)  

Special curricula are available in both the Department of Psychology and the Department of Biomedical Sciences for individuals who plan to apply to a professional school of physical therapy. The curriculum offered by the Department of Psychology is heavily oriented toward coursework in psychology and the natural sciences. The following program will not prepare you to complete a degree in biological sciences. If you are not accepted into the physical therapy program but desire to pursue a career in medicine or certain allied health fields, you should consider a major from the programs offered in biological sciences and chemistry, or from those offered through the College of Health and Human Services.

The Department of Psychology was established in 1922, although courses in psychology were offered as early as 1875. The Department offered a master's degree beginning in 1930 and has offered the Ph.D. since 1965.

Today the Department's 30 faculty members provide instruction to approximately 80 graduate students and 600 undergraduate majors. The Department offers bachelor's degrees in psychology and psychology-pre-physical therapy. Requirements provide students with exposure to several areas of psychology, while providing the opportunity for students to select courses that fit their needs and interests. A minor in psychology is also available. An honor's program is available to outstanding students. The Department also offers the Ph.D. in both clinical and experimental psychology.

Porter Hall

The Department of Psychology is housed in Porter Hall, which underwent large-scale renovation from 1992 to 1993. It affords space for teaching and research, as well as offices for all faculty and graduate students. Research facilities are greatly enhanced with the completion Fall 2008 of the Porter Hall Addition, an adjoining 28,000 sq. ft. structure.

Computer Facilities

Computer facilities both within the department and throughout the university are extensive and readily available to students and faculty at no cost. The department alone has two computer labs. The larger, containing 30 computers, is used for classroom instruction and research. Computers can also be found in a variety of other locations throughout the department, including research labs and offices. The department's computers are connected to an ethernet local area network that provides users access to the university's wide area network, as well as the internet. The entire university offers wireless connections to the internet.

Career Opportunities

Psychology provides an excellent way to enhance career opportunities in a variety of fields. Also, an undergraduate degree in psychology provides an excellent academic background for professional and graduate training.


Special Features

The Department of Psychology has established an Honors Program to provide academically superior undergraduates with opportunities for greater depth of study and independent research in psychology. The Honors Program in Psychology is open to psychology majors who have a minimum accumulative GPA of 3.50 and a GPA of 3.50 or better in psychology courses.

Interested students should apply for departmental honors during the beginning of their junior year. Application is made to the Assistant Chair for Undergraduate Studies, who will suggest faculty members as possible honors advisors on the basis of the student's interests. The final choice of an honors advisor is left to the student and must be made before the student begins the honors thesis.

Our Faculty

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The College of Arts and Sciences is home to 19 departments, 27 majors and dozens of other special curricula. The college is committed to advancing the interrelated areas of teaching, research, and outreach in a learning-centered community. The college instructs students based on core disciplines for the entire university.

Arts and Sciences is home to nearly one-third of all OHIO's undergraduate and graduate students. The college encourages research and applied scholarship among all of its faculty members. They also create many opportunities for undergraduates to be involved in research as well. The college takes an active role in making knowledge accessible and in applying it to issues that affect the wider community.

All departmental majors provide sound preparation for future careers by requiring you to think and write critically and to communicate well - the preferred skills in all areas of the public and private sector. Certificate programs are open to students who are enrolled in any baccalaureate program, regardless of college or major. Minors in the College of Arts and Sciences may be combined with any regular majors or special curricula programs. With careful planning, minors can be completed within four years.

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