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Applied Physics  

The mission of the Department of Physics and Astronomy is to create knowledge through forefront research; to provide students across a range of disciplines with an introduction to problem solving, critical thinking, and basic concepts in physics and astronomy; to prepare our undergraduate majors with a solid foundation in the discipline for use in their subsequent life, work, or advanced studies; and to instill in our graduate students a high level of knowledge and skills that enable them to carry out original research.

The Department of Physics and Astronomy, in the College of Arts and Sciences, offers majors in physics, and preparation for students planning to pursue graduate study in physics or astronomy, through degrees in Applied Physics, Physics-Astrophysics and Meteorology. Students in the Department of Physics and Astronomy may pursue either a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science. Students in other academic departments may pursue a minor in either Astronomy or Physics. Additionally, physics is offered through the Honors Tutorial College with programs in Physics, Astrophysics, and Engineering Physics. Extracurricular activities for physics majors include the Society of Physics Students and Women in Physics and Astronomy.

Career Opportunities

With the B.S. degree in applied physics, students have excellent opportunities for jobs in industry and government, with emphasis on engineering physics, medical biophysics or quantitative finance, depending on the individual classes on the student's transcript. In addition, this degree prepares students for a masters degree at the graduate level.


Special Features

The Physics, Engineering Physics and Astrophysics Tutorial Programs are four-year courses of study for exceptional students capable of a more independent approach to learning. The tutorial, a weekly one-on-one meeting with a faculty member, is the core of the program. In their fourth year, students write a thesis on an advanced research topic.  Due to the nature of its core curriculum, the Physics Tutorial Programs must restrict the number of students that can be accepted each year. Admission into the program is initiated through the Honors Tutorial College or through the Director of Studies within the department. Applications are accepted only from incoming or first-year students.

Physics and Astronomy Departmental Honors are offered to Physics and Astronomy majors with an exceptional record of academic achievement. Participation in this program makes it especially valuable to students interested in pursuing graduate work. Admission into the Departmental Honors program involves the completion of an application; students must have at least a 3.2 GPA and must submit an abstract outlining a research project under the direction of a Professor that will be written up and submitted to the Undergraduate Chair.  The deadline for applications is in the quarter before the student expects to graduate.

Physics and Astronomy Department Scholarships are available to assist majors throughout their period of study at Ohio University.  These scholarships are based on academic achievement or on a combination of achievement and financial need; the application deadline is February 1 each year and the awards are announced at the end of the academic year.

Paid Physics and Astronomy Internships are available during summer quarter for students wishing to enhance their undergraduate experience by doing a one-on-one research project with a professor.  These internships are available for students at all levels.

Sigma Pi Sigma is a student-led honor society for Physics and Astronomy majors. Besides providing a venue for students to meet and share their interests, membership in Sigma Pi Sigma offers career development information, opportunities for community outreach projects, and the possibility to attend and present research work at national conferences.

Physics and Astronomy Alumni Newsletter is published yearly and includes recent highlights from within the department and from our alumni.  Articles range from research summaries to announcements, such as awards, alumni news, and other information about the Department of Physics and Astronomy.

Undergraduate Majors and Student Organizations
    Society of Physics Students
    Women in Physics and Astronomy

Our Faculty

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Applied Physics
Meteorology (Physics)
Preparation for Advanced Training (Physics)

College of Arts and Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences is home to 19 departments, 27 majors and dozens of other special curricula. The college is committed to advancing the interrelated areas of teaching, research, and outreach in a learning-centered community. The college instructs students based on core disciplines for the entire university.

Arts and Sciences is home to nearly one-third of all OHIO's undergraduate and graduate students. The college encourages research and applied scholarship among all of its faculty members. They also create many opportunities for undergraduates to be involved in research as well. The college takes an active role in making knowledge accessible and in applying it to issues that affect the wider community.

All departmental majors provide sound preparation for future careers by requiring you to think and write critically and to communicate well - the preferred skills in all areas of the public and private sector. Certificate programs are open to students who are enrolled in any baccalaureate program, regardless of college or major. Minors in the College of Arts and Sciences may be combined with any regular majors or special curricula programs. With careful planning, minors can be completed within four years.

Ohio University

Established in 1804, Ohio University is the oldest public institution of higher learning in the state of Ohio and the first in the Northwest Territory. Admission to Ohio University is granted to the best-qualified applicants as determined by a selective admission policy.