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Pre-Law (Philosophy)  

The Department of Philosophy, in the College of Arts and Sciences, places an emphasis on the study of Anglo-American analytic philosophy and covers the following traditional areas as well: ancient and medieval, early modern philosophy, pragmatism and philosophy of language, philosophy of religion, history and philosophy of the sciences including both natural and social sciences, ethics (theoretical and applied), social and political philosophy, theory of knowledge and aesthetics, logic and the philosophy of mathematics.

Philosophy students can earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy, or may enroll as a Pre-Law major in Philosophy. For students in other departments, a Philosophy Minor can be declared after 25 hours of coursework. Students interested in an in-depth study of Philosophy may pursue a three-year bachelor’s degree program offered through the Honors Tutorial College. The Department of Philosophy is also proud to be in the 14th year of the Ohio University Philosophy Forum, which gives students the opportunity to study the recent work of modern philosophers through seminars and discussions with the authors. The Forum has brought to campus Robert Nozick, Daniel Dennett, Hilary Putnam, Alasdair MacIntyre, Cora Diamond, Arthur Fine, Simon Blackburn, Susan Haack, Julia Annas, Lynne Rudder Baker, and T. M. Scanlon.

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Pre-Law (Philosophy)
Pre-Theology (Philosophy)

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