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World Religions  

The Department of Classics and World Religions, in the College of Arts and Sciences, offers programs of study in the areas of Greek and Latin languages, Classic Civilization and World Religions. The department also offers an honors degree in Classics through the Honors Tutorial College. A broad range of courses focusing on the ancient Mediterranean world (including literature in translation, humanities, and archaeology) and on world religions are offered by the Department. Related courses are also offered through the Departments of History, Art History, Sociology, Geography, and Philosophy. Students may also be interested in joining Eta Sigma Phi, the national honorary collegiate society for students studying of Latin and Greek.

Special Features

The Department of Classics and World Religions offers two study abroad programs, one centered in Rome, Italy and the other ranging over the islands and mainland of Greece. The trips alternate every year, the Rome trip taking place in the Fall of one year and the Greek trip departing in the Spring of the next school year.

The department hosts the Ohio University chapter of Eta Sigma Phi, the national honorary collegiate society for students of Latin and/or Greek.

Our Faculty

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Classical Civilization
Classical Languages

Classics (Honors Tutorial College)
World Religions

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