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Customer Service Leadership Minor

Program Overview

The Customer Service minor, offered in the Department of Human and Consumer Sciences, is designed to complement major programs in areas where graduates are likely to work with customers, clients, or members of the public who are served by the organizations/businesses for which graduates work. Additionally, elements of supervision of a customer service oriented workforce are emphasized in the minor program. The courses focus on consumer issues, supervision in customer service environments, execution of customer service in a variety of workplace settings, and professional development.

Admissions Information

For Freshman/First-Year Admission, Change of Program or External Transfer

No requirements beyond University admission requirements. To obtain the documents necessary to change your major or externally transfer into the program you will need to speak with an eCampus Advisor based on students last name at the following link here.

Opportunities Upon Graduation

Almost every industry employs customer service representatives, and their duties may vary greatly depending on the nature of the organization. For instance, representatives who work in banks may have similar duties to, or supervise, tellers; whereas those in insurance companies may be required to handle paperwork, such as changes to policies or renewals, and to guide their employees who assist customers with their policies. Those who work for utility and communication companies may assist customers with service problems, such as outages. Professionals in public relations advocate and act on behalf of their client, and must be responsive to client needs. In the hospitality industry, customers drive business performance, and customer service is a key differentiating factor in company success. Representatives who work in retail stores often handle returns and help customers to find items in their stores. Health care providers must be attentive to their customers' needs in a variety of capacities.

Academic Catalog

The academic catalog provides additional information about curriculum and courses for this major.
Academic catalog

Program Details

Degree: Bachelor of Applied Human and Consumer Sciences
Code: OR6183


Patton College of Education
Human and Consumer Sciences   
McCracken Hall 121
Athens, OH 45701
Phone: 740.593.2880
Fax: 740.566.8111

Administrative Contact

Robin Ambrozy, contact person

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