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Undecided—Arts and Sciences

Program Overview

If you have not settled on a major but wish to be enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences to benefit early on from this advising perspective, you may apply to Ohio University as an undeclared or "undecided" major in Arts and Sciences. While on average, most students choose a major within the first year of exploration, you are allowed to earn up to 60 semester hours before you must select a degree program. Students may choose from Undecided (ND0410), Undecided-Humanities (ND0406), Undecided-Social Sciences (ND0407), or Undecided-Sciences (ND0408). Undecided students are assigned advisors who are experienced with helping students who are interested in exploring a range of major options.

Students with 30 or more semester credits transferring from other colleges within Ohio University may not select the undecided major. Transfer students from other universities are not eligible to enroll as undeclared in Arts and Sciences.

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