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Spanish Major (A.B. in Spanish) [offered through Honors Tutorial College]

Program Overview

The HTC Spanish program of study provides students with a deep knowledge of the Spanish language, culture and literature through one-on-one tutorials. Spanish tutorial students learn to think analytically and critically in tutorials on Hispanic literature, culture, linguistics, film, and art; and they improve their language skills through intensive and extensive writing assignments, speaking activities and in-depth research.

The Spanish director of studies and the Spanish faculty are committed to student advising, and to guiding students successfully through their tutorials. In addition, the faculty works closely with students to choose appropriate courses from the entire university curriclum that complement their tutorial studies. Most tutorial students also consider adding a double major or a certificate program in order to make their language degree more marketable. The director of studies meets regularly with tutors and with honors students to ensure that tutorials are suiting their needs. In addition, all Spanish honors tutorial students must complete at least one study abroad program, and succcessully pass the ACTFL Oral Proficiency exam at an advanced level. All Spanish honors tutorial students must also take regular Spanish courses to complement their tutorials. This allows them interaction with Spanish majors and minors and to create a camaraderie not available solely through tutorials.

The final outcome of the honors tutorial degree is the production of a thesis or creative project. Students choose a thesis/creative topic during their second year and carry out research during their third year of tutorials. Past thesis topics have included: The Evolution of Dominican Identity in the Diaspora; Heritage Speakers and the Columbus School System; Peruvian Mythology and the Politics in the Works of Scorza; History through Cervantes' Play La Numancia; etc. A creative writing project consisted of gathering Guaraní myths from Paraguay and incorporating them into an extensive creative piece of fiction. Although the final chapters of each thesis/project are polished during the senior year, various drafts are written during the junior year of the program. HTC students also present their research at research fairs and conferences such as OLAC, OFLA. To complement tutorial work, the Spanish Club and the Spanish National Honors Society sponsor events such as conversation meetings, foreign film series and the Annual Spanish Colloquium. The Spanish honors tutorial program challenges undergraduate students in a supportive environment where they can thrive and prepare themselves for a successful future.

Admissions Information

Freshman/First-Year Admission

Students are selected by the director of studies of the Spanish tutorial program and the Honors Tutorial College on the basis of superior academic ability and the potential for self-motivated study and research. Applicants typically are required to submit additional essays, and an interview with the director of studies is required for admission. More information, including materials and deadlines, is available at www.ohio.edu/honors/tutorial-programs/apply. Recommendations from two high school teachers are strongly recommended. 

Change of Program Policy

First-year students at Ohio University may apply to transfer into the Spanish honors tutorial program and the Honors Tutorial College. These students must meet the same entrance requirements as entering first-year students. 

External Transfer Admission

First-year students at another institution may also apply to transfer into the Spanish honors tutorial program and the Honors Tutorial College. These students must meet the same entrance requirements as entering first-year students. 

Opportunities Upon Graduation

Spanish honors tutorial students are not limited to a specific career track. The ability to think analytically, communicate clearly, and understand people from diverse cultural backgrounds has served our graduates well in a wide range of professions. Ohio University Spanish honors tutorial majors discover that current job listings call for the types of abilities they have acquired through their tutorials, independent research and other specific courses: communication skills, analytical skills, interpersonal skills, a capacity for problem solving, and the ability to learn quickly. Many job listings include foreign language proficiency as a desirable or necessary tool.

In consultation with the Spanish director of studies and other Spanish faculty members, and with the help of Ohio University Career Services, students approaching graduation can identify companies and organizations offering job opportunties that correspond to the student's personal interests. When recent graduates employ their marketable skills in the pursuit of an individual passion, they greatly enhance their chances for success, satisfaction, and lifelong rewards. Some of our honors students combine an HTC major in Spanish with a secondary discipline such as journalism, political science, education, sociology, or business, and then seek employment in print or broadcast media, government, teaching, social services, or industry. These students possess career-specific skills in addition to specific Hispanic content knowledge and language proficiency.

Many HTC majors acquire additional academic training prior to seeking employment. Some pursue internships, either in the United States or abroad, in which they employ their foreign language skills in a professional capacity. With faculty guidance, our seniors have successfully competed for postgraduate awards such as Fulbright, Boren, and Truman Scholarships. Many graduates enter either M.A. or Ph.D. programs, either in Spanish or another discipline, and go on to academic positions at universities. Others attend law school or medical school. Volunteer service abroad with organizations such as the Peace Corps provides training that can help a student identify a future career track.

Academic Catalog

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