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Mahn Center Policies and Procedures


Reading Room Procedures

Group of people visiting the Mahn Center Reading Room with the words Mahn Center Reading Room at the bottom

 The following items may be brought into the reading room
•    notebooks
•    pencils
•    computers (out of their cases)
•    phones/digital cameras (please answer your phone outside of the Mahn Center)

The following items are NOT allowed in the reading room:
•    food/beverages
•    pens/highlighters
•    personal scanners
•    outerwear/umbrellas
•    backpacks/purses
•    sticky notes

Lockers are provided to store anything not allowed in the reading room.

Special Handling:

Mahn Center materials are special, sensitive, and often fragile. Please do not lean on, fold, bend, underline, trace, apply sticky notes to, or otherwise damage them. Please wear gloves provided by staff for handling certain materials.

No materials will be retrieved within 15 minutes of closing time.

Using Mahn Center Collections in Publication and Citing Materials 

Many of the collections are subject to copyright restrictions and some contain information protected by HIPAA, FERPA, or other privacy concerns. 

Permission must be granted to use materials from the collections in publications, public presentations, or productions. Please contact us for more information about the use agreement requirements.

Ohio University Libraries may charge fees as cost recovery. 
You will be notified if your request includes fees. 
Non-profit business fees are $25/image and $100/minute for film and video. 
For-profit business fees are $75/image and $200/minute for film and video.

The Mahn Center requests that items be cited as:

[Collection Name], Mahn Center for Archives and Special Collections, Ohio University Libraries.

Reproduction Services

Please contact the Mahn Center to initiate a reproduction request.

•    Mahn staff can only provide 25 scans
•    Reproduction requests may take up to 20 business days
•    Only staff members may scan materials. The Mahn Center reserves the right to limit or not to scan materials if damage to materials may result or rights issues exist
•    Fees may apply to requests for use in publications, public presentations, or productions


Researchers bear the responsibility for abiding by copyright law. This includes obtaining all use and copyright permissions as applicable. 

Digital photos taken in the Reading Room may be used for the purposes of personal research only.