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Compact Discs Preservation Copies

Collection: Alwin Nikolais and Murray Louis Papers Mss 181

Series: 8. Sound Recording Series

Sub series: 8.3 Preservation Copies: Compact Discs (PDF)


Nikolais Louis CDs

Recordings in reel-to-reel format were also preserved to compact disc format.  The compact discs are part of the Sound Recording series.  This series includes an archival copy on compact disc and a use copy. Robert Auld of Auldworks Inc. was the audio engineer and completed the transfer from original reel-to-reels and all preservation work.  The recordings are of music to accompany the dances.  The sub series include rehearsals and performances.  The names of composers and length of each work are included. 

In addition to copies created for the collection, the Archival series includes single copies of some titles.  Copies labeled “mono” were produced as the sound track for the preserved 16mm films.  Copies labeled “performance” were used for the actual performance of the choreographic works.  The time period covered is 1936 – 1996.  There are 450 compact discs.  Compact discs were received in 2000 and deposits continued through 2002.