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Press and Promotion Series

Collection: Alwin Nikolais and Murray Louis Papers Mss 181

Series: 7. Press and Promotion Series

Sub Series:

7.1 Company Publications & Press Packets
7.2 Posters
7.3 Playbills & Handbills
7.4 Programs
7.5 Press Coverage
     7.5a Magazine Press
     7.5b Newspaper Press
     7.5b1 John Martin Reviews (PDF)


Nikolais Louis Press and Promotion Series

The Press and Promotion series consists of the following sub series: Company Publications and Press Packets, Posters, Playbills and Handbills, Programs, and Press Coverage. Press Coverage consists of two sub series: Magazine Press and Newspaper Press. Newspaper Press also includes sub series of John Martin Reviews. The Press and Promotion series is arranged by artist and chronologically. Dates range from 1927 – 2011. Deposits began in 1999 and continue through 2011.

The Company Publications & Press Packets sub series document information about the artists, companies, performances, tours, residencies and lectures. Materials include booklets, brochures, and press packets.

The Posters sub series consists of over 433 posters. Over 100 posters are encapsulated for preservation. Posters are arranged by artist and by size.

The Playbills and Handbills sub series document specific information such as the place, date and time of the performance. Some playbills and handbills are also included in the programs sub series.

The Programs sub series document performance events including the date, venue, list of choreographic pieces and dancers. Dates of the programs range from 1939 – 2011.  Programs, brochures, booklets, bulletins and other miscellany are included.

The Press Coverage sub series includes Magazine Press and Newspaper Press. The Magazine press consists of articles written about the artists as well as articles written by Alwin Nikolais and Murray Louis. Dates of the Magazine press range from 1946 through 2010. Newspaper press contains articles, reviews, interviews, press releases, advertisements and other memorabilia. John Martin reviews are a sub series of the Newspaper Press series. The condition of the paper is poor. These reviews were published between 1927 – 1938.