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Collection: Alwin Nikolais and Murray Louis Papers Mss 181

Series: 6. Photographic Series

Sub series: 6.5 Images on CD-ROM (PDF)


Nikolais Louis Segue 2

Images stored on CD-ROMs were received in 2003.  231 images by Tom Caravaglia were received on 18 CD-ROMs.  These include color slides, negatives, contact sheets, and prints.   Images 228 and 229 were not included on the originals.  Many images are duplicates of black and white photographs contained in the collection.  Content includes solos, duets, and group dances of the choreographic works of both Alwin Nikolais and Murray Louis’ dance companies.  A 2007 deposit included documentation of the titles of the prints by Tom Caravaglia and additional CD-ROMs of images from the book, Unique Gesture and a CD-ROM of photographs of performances by the Ririe-Woodbury Company.