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Moving Image Series

Collection: Alwin Nikolais and Murray Louis Papers

Series: 4. Moving Image Series

Sub series

4.1 Film
4.2 Video
4.3 Streamed Media Files
4.4 MP3 Files (PDF)



The Moving Image series consists of four sub series: Film, Video, Streamed Media Files, and MPG files.  The series is arranged by artist and by date.  The film and video sub series are also arranged and categorized as “preserved” or “not preserved”.  Transfers of film, video and DVD began in 2000.  Deposits have continued to be received through 2011.

The Film Sub series document the early choreographic works of Alwin Nikolais and Murray Louis and date from the 1950’s – 1960’s.  Content of the films include performances, rehearsals and workshops.  Murray Louis synced sound tracks to the original films.  John Allen of Cinema Arts completed the preservation of early film, matched the sound and film elements, and created preservation copies in video format. 27 films had sound added and were preserved to VHS format.

The Video Sub series consists of original videos not preserved, original videos preserved, preservation copies of early films in video format, and preservation copies of videos in video formats.  Preservation copies of videos were completed in October, 2003.  Original videos were recorded during the 1970’s through the 2001.  Videos are arranged by the performance date specified on the tape.

Streamed media files were created in 2005.  Over 5 hours of performances are available on the Alwin Nikolais and Murray Louis Dance website.  Files of these performances were saved to DVD.

Several performances on original videos were reformatted to DVD, Mpeg2 (master) and mpg4 (access) formats in 2010.