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Collection: Alwin Nikolais and Murray Louis Papers, Mss 181

Series: 2. Artistic Series

Sub series: 2.1 Alwin Nikolais

Sub sub series: 2.1a Choroscript (PDF)

Nikolais-Louis Choroscript

Summary: Choroscript files are part of the Alwin Nikolais Artistic Series.  Alwin Nikolais defined Choroscript as a method of notating body action on the two dimensional surface of a sheet of paper in a way which permits its reinterpretation into movement without distortion or loss of the choreographer’s intention.  The method “makes use of symbols representing actions and attitudes of the human body.”  The Choroscript files include original manuscripts from Alwin Nikolais’ text, Choroscript: Movement Analysis Notation.  In addition, lesson plans, music scores with dance notation, photographs of teaching choroscript, publications with articles about choroscript and original manuscripts by Alwin Nikolais are contained in this sub sub series.  The Choroscript series was received in 2001.