Ohio University

Strategic Initiatives

Initiative Descriptions

Assess Help FAQs

Themes: Connect Theme 1

Lead: Chad Boeninger

Status: In Progress

  1. Audit existing FAQS, check for accuracy, and rewrite using modern writing for the web rules.
  2. Identify and recommend relevant areas on the main website, Libguides, Staff Portal, and other web spaces where it would be useful to link to specific FAQs.
  3. Identify new FAQs that are needed.
  4. Create new FAQs.
  5. Build a schedule to routinely check FAQs for accuracy and usage.

Assess Help Videos and Tutorials

Themes: Connect Theme 1, Empower Theme 2, Empower Theme 3

Lead: Chad Boeninger

Status: In Progress

  1. Audit existing tutorials and instructional videos to create a master list of content.
  2. Identify points of need for video and print how-to content and make recommendations for new content.
  3. Prioritize work for updating existing and creating new content.
  4. Create and update content.
  5. Build a schedule to routinely check content for accuracy and usage.

Assess Virtual Help Services

Themes: Connect Theme 3

Lead: Chad Boeninger

Status: In Progress

  1. Investigate instruments to measure the user experience for our online chat and ticket services.
  2. Create draft of service quality instrument.
  3. Implement instrument to measure service quality
  4. Make recommendations to improve service quality of our virtual services.
  5. Draft considerations for adapting virtual service survey to in-person services.

Contribute Library Modules to Faculty Development Course on Teaching

Themes: Connect Theme 1, Connect Theme 2, Connect Theme 3, Empower Theme 2, Empower Theme 3, Sustain Theme 3

Lead: Hanna Schmillen

Status: In Progress

In collaboration with OII, several librarians are creating content to be used in the Principles and Practices for College Teaching asynchronous course for OHIO instructors. The course is split into two units, 1- Fundamentals of Teaching and Learning and 2- Enhancing Student Learning. The goal is to create a course that provides a foundation of success and support related to teaching and student success in the classroom. Certificates of completion will be available for instructors. The Libraries are creating content for both units and are working closely with OII to integrate the content into the course throughout the summer. Content includes: - Affordable Course Materials; Collaborating and Consulting with a Librarian; Information Literacy, Critical Thinking, and Library Instruction; Archives and Special Collections; Visual Literacy Across Disciplines; Using Film and Media Resources in The Classroom.

Integrate Information Literacy in Guarantee+

Themes: Connect Theme 1, Connect Theme 3, Empower Theme 2, Sustain Theme 1, Sustain Theme 3

Lead: Hanna Schmillen

Status: In Progress

This is a Provost's Office initiative for recruitment and retention, as well as alumni involvement at OHIO University. It includes an individualized graduation plan for all undergraduate students, fixed tuition/fees, and alumni scholarships. Most importantly , "... an individualized graduation plan that ensures you’ll graduate on time and on plan, or we’ll make it right, including covering the cost of additional courses if necessary." (Jennifer Murphy, Provost Office). All undergraduate programs, on all campuses, will be phased into Guarantee+ by Fall 2022. The Libraries created 3 Information Literacy milestones within the graduation plans that build upon each other (scaffold) throughout each undergraduate program. Milestones are the learning outcomes, skills, etc. that we want our students to achieve related to information literacy, research skills, critical thinking, and Libraries use. Each of the 3 milestones will have an activity, assignment, tutorial, session, workshop, etc. that will need to be completed by the student in order to achieve that milestone. Milestone achievement will be tracked along with their DARS and course completion. The Libraries have collaborated with UC to integrate Milestone 1 into all UC courses. Milestone 2 and 3 will be integrated based on the needs and learning outcomes of each academic program, led by each subject liaison. For more information, see University Libraries Integrates into Guarantee+.

OhioLINK Luminaries Program

Themes: Sustain Theme 2, Sustain Theme 3

Lead: Eileen Theodore-Shusta

Status: In Progress

The program offers students a unique, paid opportunity in academic libraries not available in traditional internships or part-time campus employment. As a paid, resume-building position offering hands-on experience, participating students receive broad introduction to the information studies profession—its purpose, value, and expertise. The OhioLINK Library Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiative seeks to create and promote career opportunities in librarianship, information studies, and data sciences to individuals from under-represented populations and economically disadvantaged environments. The Initiative aims to identify and encourage diverse candidates for Ohio’s libraries and library-related industries that are more representative of the state’s population, while also encouraging and supporting efforts towards greater diversity, equity, and inclusion at the library level.

One OHIO Libraries Initiative

Themes: Connect Theme 3, Empower Theme 3, Empower Theme 4, Sustain Theme 1, Sustain Theme 3

Lead: Katy Mathuews

Status: In Progress

The Libraries are working to transition to a library system approach as regional libraries now report to library leadership. We are building a system approach to acquisitions, metadata services, web presence, and other aspects of library services.

Reparative Description in the Digital Archives

Themes: Empower Theme 1, Empower Theme 2, Empower Theme 4

Lead: Miriam Nelson

Status: In Progress

The goal of this initiative is to develop internal practices that support the: "remediation of practices or data that exclude, silence, harm, or mischaracterize marginalized people in the data created or used by archivists to identify or characterize archival resources" (SAA Dictionary of Archives Terminology). As a first step DI staff have developed a growing reading list and have formed a discussion group meeting weekly with DI staff and occasionally with Mahn and Metadata Services staff. The discussions focus on assigned readings/resources as well as how they might apply to DI's practice. Next steps will be to draft a strategy document, identifying needed documentation for new procedures, potential collections for remediation projects, possible collaborations, timelines, and transparency/accountability. The initiative will serve to begin an ongoing process.

Strengthen Supports for CIS Graduate Students

Themes: Connect Themes 1, Connect Theme 3, Empower Theme 2, Empower Theme 3

Lead: Jeffrey Ferrier

Status: In Progress

Center for International Collections staff are working to design a new approach to an introduction to key library resources and services for all graduate students in the Master of International Affairs programs in the Center for International Studies (CIS) for fall 2021. Interim Director of CIS, Patrick Barr-Melej, has requested that the library staff work to implement a more systemic approach for all students in the 5 MAIA programs. The programs are African Studies, Asia Studies, Latin American Studies, International Development Studies and Communications and Development. Details of the new approach are still being worked out but will likely include a combination of virtual and in-person presentation (if the pandemic situation allows).

Student Advisory Board Creation

Themes: Connect Theme 3, Sustain Theme 3

Lead: Kelly Broughton

Status: Complete

In early 2021, we launched the University Libraries' Student Advisory Board, comprised of undergraduate and graduate student across OHIO campuses. As primary stakeholders in the services, resources, and spaces of the Ohio University Libraries, the Student Advisory Board provides students direct access to the administrative leadership of the Libraries and exists to facilitate two-way communication between students and library staff. The Board will advise the Dean of University Libraries on important and impactful issues related to the Libraries’ spaces, services, resources, and collections.

Systematize New IT Projects and Purchases

Themes: Connect Theme 1, Empower Theme 2, Sustain Theme 1

Lead: Carrie Preston

Status: In Progress

The Libraries will develop a systematic approach to IT project planning, including major purchases and in-house development projects. Tools and structures will be created to support mindful decision-making, with awareness of the labor required for both initial rollout and ongoing maintenance; clarity as to who will perform that labor; and where appropriate, agreed-upon measures of success to determine which projects to continue.

Systematize Web Accessibility

Themes: Connect Theme 1, Empower Theme 2

Lead: Carrie Preston

Status: Pending

Web accessibility is now critical to Libraries business continuity (since it is required at the university level for web sites and services to be permitted to exist), as well as to the empowerment of our patrons. The Libraries will review the existing state of web accessibility in the Libraries, and produce a recommendations document outlining possible approaches and actions the Libraries could take in this work.