Ohio University

Mission, Vision & Values


Ohio University Libraries connect learners to information for discovery, intellectual growth and advancement of knowledge.


The Libraries will be a dynamic gateway for the discovery, creation and exchange of knowledge, enabling students, faculty and staff to realize their promise and achieve excellence.


Equal access: The libraries promote equal and unfettered access to information as the cornerstone of research and education, and support the user’s right to information representing diverse points of view.

Customer service: We recognize that efficient and courteous service provided by knowledgeable staff enable all users to achieve their goals.

Innovation: We embrace a proactive approach to problem solving which incorporates creativity, flexibility and risk-taking, and allows us to respond to rapidly changing user needs.

Critical Thinking: We believe that finding, evaluating, and synthesizing information empowers users and is a vital part of the transformative learning experience.

Collaboration:  We understand that free, effective and frequent exchange of ideas, information and experience among library staff and the campus community is absolutely necessary for the realization of our vision and the achievement of our goals.

Stewardship: We are committed to the efficient and responsible management of resources invested in the library by the university; including collections, spaces and financial and human resources.

Assessment: We foster, expect and reward evidenced-based decision-making.