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University Resources related to Sexual Misconduct and Relational Violence


Trans and Gender Inclusive Resources
  • Gender Neutral Housing at Ohio University
  • Trans Inslusive Healthcare:  In 2013, Student Senate issued a change to the Student Health Plan; the health plan will now include trans* related healthcare services such as hormone therapy and gender affirming surgeries. To learn more about this new policy and practice, contact the LGBT Center ( or Campus Care (740-593-1660) to learn more. 
    • Students can request anytime during their visit to Campus Care for staff and providers to use their preferred name. The students preferred name will be noted in their medical record. Unfortunately, in order to bill the visit properly, the students legal name must continue to be listed. Should the student legally change their name, Campus Care will no longer used a preferred name field but instead change all demographic fields so that their previous name no longer displays.


Single Occupancy Restrooms

Several years ago the LGBT Center worked to make restrooms on campus more accessible to transgender, gender variant, and gender non-conforming students, faculty and staff, as well as others who wish to use a single user restroom such as families and individuals with different medical needs. There are currently over 30 restrooms on campus that are not gender specific, however many of these have limited access (see below).   With all of the new construction and renovations on Athens Campus, the university is committed to making sure that buildings have at least one gender inclusive and accessible restroom. The LGBT Center has partnered with Office of Institutional Equity and others to continue the effort of increasing the number of single user restrooms in academic and administrative buildings. Below is a current list of the single user restrooms, please note that the list does not cover all buildings and was generated by students who canvassed the Athens Campus--with the construction taking place on campus that list may not be the most up to date. If you know of changes or updates, please send those to so we can update our list.  

Academic/Administrative Buildings:

  • Baker Center - 1st floor - next to main restrooms by Latitudes
  • Baker Center - 3rd floor - Administrative Offices area behind the LGBT Center
  • Crewson House - 1st floor
  • Cutler Hall - ground floor
  • Hudson Health - both Campus Care and Counseling & Psychological Services
  • McKee House - 1st floor
  • Morton Hall - 5th Floor
  • Nelson Dining Hall (2)
  • Schoonover Center (1st floor)
  • Siegfred School of Art - 4th floor (2 restrooms)
  • South Green Residential Housing Office-O'Bleness House
  • Walter Hall - 1st floor near the vending machines
  • Walter Field House

Single occupancy restrooms in community ally spaces:  Hillel (21 Mill Street); United Campus Ministry (18 N College Street); Athens Book Center (74 East State St.); Athens Uncorked (14 Station Street)


Given all the construction and renovation of Residence Halls, the listings below may not be accurate. 

East Green Residence Halls:

  • Biddle Lobby
  • Johnson Lobby
  • Perkins Lobby
  • Shively Lobby
  • Tiffin Lobby
  • Washington Lobby


South Green Residence Halls:

  • Armbruster Basement
  • Atkinson Basement
  • Brough Basement
  • Brown Lobby
  • Cady Basement
  • Crawford Lobby
  • Dougan Basement
  • Ewing Basement
  • Fenzel Basement
  • Foster Basement
  • Hoover Basement
  • Mackinnon Lobby
  • Martzolff Basement
  • O'Bleness Basement
  • Pickering Lobby
  • Smith Basement (Smith House is also location of Gender Neutral Housing)
  • True Basement
  • Weld Basement
  • Wray Basement

West Green Residence Halls:

  • James Lobby
  • Ryors Lobby
  • Sargent Lobby
  • Treudley Lobby
  • Wilson Lobby

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