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    SafeZone at Chillicothe Campus

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delfin bautista
delfin bautista, Director 

Preferred Pronouns:  plural (they, them, we, our, us) or simply delfin

delfin is a native of Miami, FL and of Cuban and Salvadoran heritage.   delfin identifies as trans*, specifically as Two-Spirit or genderqueer.  delfin is a social worker and queer feminist theologian who is passionate about engaging the intersections of religion, sexuality, race/ethnicity, and social justice--creating spaces were individuals and communities are both safe and challenged to wrestle through questions around identity and expression.  delfin has a Master in Divinity as well as a Master of Social Work.   delfin's background includes:  chaplaincy, HIV/AIDS case management, LGBTQ advocacy, and trauma therapy.  delfin enjoys cooking, eating, laughing, writing, photography, eating more, and spending time with familia.  delfin is excited join the effort of finding ways to queer up Ohio University, Athens, and Ohio! 

stefan koob
Stefan Koob, Communications Coordinator 

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Stefan is a first year student at Ohio University studying film and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies.  He plans to make fantastic documentaries that will change the world, or just make jokes for money if that doesn't work out. His favorite pastimes are drinking coffee, watching Friends, getting up early, and talking to strangers.




Jesper Beckholt, Education Coordinator 

Pronouns: They/Them/Theirs or It/It/Its

Jesper is a senior at Ohio University pursuing a degree in English and a certificate in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. They have been a part of the student groups Ally, Asterisk, and F*ckRapeCulture. They are also involved in the SafeZone and SpeakOUT programs, and volunteer at the Ohio University Survivor Advocacy Program. Jesper loves art and creative writing, especially creative non-fiction, and is passionate about all forms of activism but especially work focused on LGBTQ+, survivor, and disability issues.


emma holman-smith
Emma Holman-Smith, Community Coordinator 

Pronouns: She/her

Emma Holman-Smith is a third year student pursuing a degree in mathematics with a film minor. She is involved with Student Senate and the Ohio University Sierra Student Coalition on campus. She is very excited to be working with the LGBT office and community this year.





Daniel Warner
Daniel Warner, Projects Coordinator (SpeakOUT) 

Pronouns: He/him

Daniel is a fourth year student majoring in psychology, minoring in philosophy, and pursuing a certificate in Women and Gender Studies. He is involved with Ally and Open Doors, and is former president of Open Doors.He aims to celebrate and explore how people's complex identities shape their experience, while fostering an environment that supports such discussion. "My favorite thing about OU and the LGBT center is the sense of comfort and acceptance." In his free time, he enjoys playing games,listening to music, and having quality time with friends.

nelly herman
Nelly Herman, Education Coordinator 

Pronouns: He/him/his


Nelly Herman is a senior Women’s, Gender and Sexuaility Studies major returning to the Center after interning in 2012. He is a co-founder of Asterisk: Athens Area Trans Advocates and a member of Ally, in addition to participating as a SpeakOUT! panelist. He loves and calls the LGBTQ+ community in the Center and in greater area home because he feels truly connected to other people like him and safe to express himself authentically. His interests include reading queer and trans theory, creative writing, gaming and pushing the boundaries of public queerness.



leah yodzis
Leah Yodzis, Projects Coordinator (SpeakOUT) 

Pronouns: She/her

I am a sophomore at Ohio University. Whether it be working out or playing a sport, I like to stay active. I make people laugh for days with my tremendous amount of jokes I have stored in my head. Although I’m not an official comedian, I aspire to be one someday. Candy is my one love—I don’t discriminate. Chocolate, fruity or nutty, I love them all. That goes for food in general. I just love to eat.




jacob mullins
Jacob Mullins, Outreach Coordinator 

Pronouns He/Him

Jacob is a second year student pursuing a degree in music therapy. He is very involved in the school of music's choral program as he has been a member of Ohio University Singers, Choral Union, and the Singing Men of Ohio. He can also be found singing with New Chords On The Block, OU's only co-ed Acapella group. He's extremely excited to be back at OU for another year because he loves the amazing diversity and acceptance of not only the University but the School of Music as well.




Rebekah Barnes, Asst. Culture Editor at The Post 

Pronouns: She/her
Rebekah is a sophomore studying journalism. She is the assistant culture editor at The Post, as well as the LGBT/Women's issues beat reporter. Her goal is to continue to learn and share stories from the LGBTQ+ community here at OU. She is always willing to talk and is always wanting to hear your ideas for stories. Email is best to reach her.