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Sex Marker Change

For more information on legal and medical information visit: TransOhio

Changing Gender Marker with the University:
Because of the way the university interacts with the government, they must always have your "legal sex" on record (though federal and state documents refer to "sex" as "gender"). In order to change the "gender" that the university has on your records, you must have a doctor's letter stating that you have completed "gender reassignment surgery" or present your birth certificate or driver's license showing the appropriate gender.  OU students can email Mickey Hart at hartm@ohio.edu if you need assistance with this.

Birth Certificate:
Ohio does not allow trans* people who were born in the state to change their sex marker on their Ohio birth certificate. However, most other states are not as rigid with their birth certificate policies. The state in which you change your birth certificate depends upon the state where you were born, not where you currently reside. Most states will issue a new birth certificate or an amended one for a change of name. TransOhio and Equality Ohio continue to work together to address this issue with the Legislature.

For a complete listing of states and their policies regarding birth certificates, see Dr. Becky's: Changing Birth Certificate.

Selective Service Form:
Selective Service has a special exemption for trans* people who have changed their legal sex. Directions and details are at:  
http://www.sss.gov/instructions.html. You will want to request a Status Information Letter. The section for "transsexual" is listed under Section 2.  OU requires that all students with a male sex marker have a Selective Service Compliance Formon file with the Registrar.