Building a campus climate that welcomes diversity can change and enrich your life. Think seriously about the following possibilities:


·       Examine and come to terms with your own personal prejudices.

·       Take responsibility for addressing discrimination and biases you encounter on campus.

·       Know your college’s policies and disciplinary process concerning bias and discriminatory incidents. Take action by reporting such incidents to university officials.

·       Get involved in activities and events sponsored by different groups.

·       As part of your educational experience, enroll in a semester-long cultural diversity course or workshop, or a course about a culture different than yours.

·       Volunteer to work in a community agency that offers services to a particular racial, religious, or ethnic group.

·       Make a sincere effort to establish a meaningful relationship with a student of a different ethnicity or cultural background.

·       Don’t be afraid to discuss with a college counselor or an administrator your feelings about people who are different from you.

·       Learn to overcome the tendency to stereotype members of various ethnic or cultural groups, and instead, try to develop a sensitivity to their feelings and experiences.

·       With other members of your ethnic or religious group, organize programs to educate the campus community about your culture. With your group, work in coalition with other groups on issues and activities of mutual concern and interest.

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