• SafeZone at Subamuh

  • Daniel Hernandez visits OU

  • Students with Harvey Katz

    National Coming Out Day 2014

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  • SafeZone at Chillicothe Campus

    SafeZone at Chillicothe Campus

  • Georgiann Davis speaks on Intersexuality

  • lgbt center staff

    lgbt center staff

  • Homecoming 2014

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  • LGBT Center Meet n Greet!

    Meet n Greet 2014

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Athens Area

From time to time we get calls asking about how supportive area services and businesses are of LGBT people and concerns. In 2004, we sent out a survey to area service providers to gather information. Not all providers were survived. Not all surveys were returned. The following is a list of those who did reply and their self reported comments. The LGBT Programs Center does not endorse or rate any area service provider or business--on the list or not. We provide this list as a service only.

***Complete the survey to add your services to this list:  Area Businesses/Services

Community Allies


Local Eateries

  • Jackie O's
  • Casa Nueva Cantina
  • Donkey Coffee
  • O'Bettys